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MeLCat Training

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Live MeLCat Training Events

MCLS offers a wide range of online and in-person MeLCat training events. Any MeLCat library staff may sign up using the MCLS online registration system. Most of the MeLCat classes are free.

RIDES training


Brush up on policies and procedures through a RIDES webinar.

MeLCat Cataloging training


Online cataloging workshops for MeLCat staff.

MeLCat Reports training

MeLCat Reports

Find out what MeLCat reports are available, how to run them, and what actions to take with the results.

MeLCat Help training

MeLCat Help!

Learn how to find answers to all your MeLCat questions.

The MeLCat Overdue Process training

The MeLCat Overdue Process

Find out how to track and manage your MeLCat overdue items.

MeLCat Processing and Policies

MeLCat Processing Policies & Procedures

Learn the MeLCat process from start to finish.

Stop Saving Paging Slips!

Streamline the MeLCat Process to Save Yourself Time

MeLCat Visiting Patron Training

The MeLCat Visiting Patron Service

Learn about the MeLCat Visiting Patron Service (Reciprocal Borrowing).

MeLCat and Linked Data Training

MeLCat & Linked Data

This session will explore what libraries must do to make their holdings visible on the open web.


MeLCat for DCB Libraries

Everything You Need to be Doing as a DCB MeLCat Library

Learn the MeLCat DCB basics of policies, lending and borrowing, reports, and statistics.

Lost in Translation: Mapping, Loading, and Deleting Data from DCB to MeLCat

Learn about data loading and maintenance for MeLCat DCB libraries.

MeLCat for DCB Libraries

MeLCat Refresher Training for DCB Libraries

In-person, refresher training for MeLCat DCB libraries.

Static MeLCat training

Anywhere, Anytime MeLCat Training and Help

Static Training

For those unable to attend a live event, check out some of the past, recorded webinars or stop by the MeLCat Wiki to find answers to your questions.

MCLS training questions

For any other questions about MeLCat Training, please contact MCLS at or call us 800-530-9019 ext 403.

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Additional funding is provided by the State of Michigan and the Library of Michigan Foundation.

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