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MeL Minute

MeL eBooks: An Invaluable Resource for Educators

by Sonya Norris on 2020-05-21T14:50:48-04:00 | Comments

In the April 9 MeL Minute, Holly Hibner and Mary Kelly shared some exceptional ideas for working with students to capitalize on the free access Michigan citizens have to the eBooks collections in MeL. They pointed out some great topics that can be researched, and they emphasized the ease and necessity of utilizing Google Drive and Google Classroom with digital books.

Social Studies Curriculum

To expand on their post, consider the following eBooks as a small sample of texts that can support grade-specific social studies curriculum.  These can easily be linked (copy/paste eBook permalink) to any classroom management software or simply dropped into a teacher’s Google Classroom for engagement with his or her students. 

Grades K-2

1 – H2.0.1 Demonstrate chronological thinking by distinguishing among past, present, and future using family or school events.

1 – H2.0.5 Identify the events or people celebrated during U.S. national holidays and why we celebrate them.

1 – C2.0.2 Identify important symbols of the United States of America and what they represent.

Grade 3

1 – H3.0.9 Describe how Michigan attained statehood.

1 – H3.0.10 Create a timeline to sequence and describe major eras and events in early Michigan history.

Grade 4

4 – G2.0.1 Describe ways in which the United States can be divided into different regions.

4 – G4.0.1 Use a case study or story about migration within or to the United States to identify push and pull factors (why they left, why they came) that influenced the migration.

Grade 5

5 – U1.4.3 Explain the cultural impact that occurred between the British, French, and Spanish on the lives of Indigenous Peoples.

5 – U3.2.4 Describe the significance of the Treaty of Paris.

5 – U3.3.1 Describe the powers of the national government and state governments under the Articles of Confederation.

Need to learn more about how to use MeL eResources? Check out our eBooks video tutorial, our MeL Educator Guide, or the MeL courses available in EduPaths for more information.

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