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MeL Minute

MeL Minute: A Heartwarming MeLCat Success Story

by Sonya Norris on 2019-10-24T10:16:12-04:00 | Comments

MeL faviconA heartwarming MeLCat success story from Cassandra Miron at the Holly Township Library. Thank you for sending this in, Cassandra!

I had a patron who was looking for books on Michigan grasses. We had a couple but they weren't what he was looking for. After a bit more questioning he showed me a very long list of allergies his horse had. He said the vet told him her allergies were so extensive (they ranged from various types of mushrooms, grasses, and trees to bugs including cockroaches) he should put her down.  She developed them pretty suddenly, the vet wasn't entirely sure why.

The patron had tears in his eyes and looked close to breaking down. She was in a really bad state, but he had figured out all of the allergies except identifying a few grasses. He figured a couple of the grasses were probably in her feed and if he could eliminate them she'd get better really quick. She was younger and her really loved her.

I did some digging on MeLCat and found a few very specific books on grasses. I told him if those didn't have what he was looking for he could call me and I'd request more until we figured it out. I was at the circulation desk when he came in about a month later to return them. He had tears in his eyes and I was worried. Before I could ask how his horse was he broke into a giant smile and thanked me. He said he was hoping I'd be working, she made a full recovery. He was able to identify the grasses with the books and he was so grateful for my help. He was overjoyed that she was going to live a healthy full life.

I'm so grateful to MeLCat. I don't know what I would have done without inter-library loans. He tried searching on amazon for books before he came to me and he searched the internet for articles and information but couldn't find what he needed. The books I requested were academic and some were a bit older. I'm not confident that I could have found that information for him without MeLCat. At the very least it certainly would have taken a great deal more time, which would have made his horse suffer and who knows what the toll on her health could have resulted in.

MeLCat changed his life and saved hers.

#IMLS Grant

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MeL Minute: A Heartwarming MeLCat Success Story
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