Usage Statistics


Local-level eResource statistics

Step-by-step instructions on how to request local usage statistics for MeL eResources are available on the MCLS website.

Statewide eResource statistics

State of Michigan fiscal years run from October to September.

Fiscal Year 2019

Quarterly spreadsheets will be posted at the end of each quarter: January, April, July, and October.

Fiscal Year 2018

2018 usage statistics (Excel)

Fiscal Year 2017

Winter 2017 snapshot of early literacy resources use: Telling MeL’s Story (PDF)

Quarter 1 (PDF)

Quarter 2 (PDF)

Quarter 3 (PDF)

Quarter 4 (PDF)

Fiscal Year 2014

General (PDF)

Business Resources (PDF)

Early Literacy Resources (PDF)

Fiscal Year 2015

Year-end database and website usage report with 5 year comparison numbers (PDF)

Business Resources (PDF)

Kids Resources (PDF)

Fiscal Years 2009-2014

Statistics are hosted at the Internet Archive

MeLCat Snapshot

Fiscal Years 2015-2017

Loan activity and participating libraries (PDF)

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