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MeL Minute: Early World of Learning from World Book

Have you explored World Book’s Early World of Learning lately?

Our World Book databases are some of our most popular, with Early World of Learning nearing 100,000 retrievals for March alone!

Try out their reading section where users can dive into both classics and World Book originals to read along and practice their comprehension skills. The Trek’s Travels section is a great early literacy resource with topics covering shapes, sounds, colors, and other fundamentals in both English and Spanish.

At the bottom of each story is a list of related topics, whether videos, encyclopedia entries, or other stories, that allows children to continue to learn more about the story they just read.  The games section of the website has even more options, including “Put the Story in Order” games that test reading comprehension.

Don’t have a lot of time for in-depth training? World Book Online includes a training section with screenshot walk throughs that are easy to minimize if you have to quickly help a patron, and just as easy to return to.  Have 15 minutes for a full video tutorial? They have that as well.