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"I Arrived at Detroit..."
I Like This

"I Arrived at Detroit..." celebrates the 300th anniversary of Detroit's founding by bringing to the internet over 100 first-hand accounts of individuals who visited Detroit between 1701 and 1837. The ... More
All About Kalamazoo History
I Like This

The Kalamazoo Public Library provides this series of essays to help you explore Kalamazoo's history through a series of essays and photographs. More
Bath School Disaster - Information
I Like This

On a warm spring morning in May, 1927, the treasurer of the Bath (Michigan) Consolidated School District blew up half of the school building (intending to have destroyed all of it). Within the hour he... More
Brief History of East Lansing, Michigan: City Neighborhoods and the Campus Park, 1850-1925
I Like This

Using historic buildings as the core, the development of East Lansing is explored neighborhood by neighborhood, while Michigan State University's growth is examined along a timeline. This excellent s... More
Early Detroit Images from the Burton Historical Collection
I Like This

Detroit Public Library's digital database of 19th century and pre-1922 photographs of Detroit illustrate the social and cultural history of Detroit as well as document the historical events that have ... More
Flint Sit-Down Strike Audio Gallery
I Like This

The actual voices of former sit-downers reminiscing about their experiences are combined with photographs, maps, and text to present the full experience of the strike by those who were there. More
Grand Rapids Public Library Digital Collections
I Like This

Grosse Pointe Public Library Local History Archives
I Like This

The Local History Archives is a project of the Grosse Pointe Public Library to collect, digitize, and disseminate historical materials. Here, you will find newspapers since 1923, Heritage Magazine fr... More
Heritage, Battle Creek Historical Society
I Like This

Battle Creek's history is distinguished as the breakfast cereal capital of the world, was called the cradle of the Seventh-Day Adventist religion, home of ex-slave abolitionist Sojourner Truth and a m... More
Historical Context for Understanding Idlewild's Past
I Like This

Professor Ronald J. Stephens identifies six significant time periods of progress and failure in Idlewild to illustrate why it continues to be recognized as one of the oldest and most famous African Am... More
Historical Images of Battle Creek, Michigan
I Like This

This digitized collection of over 5,000 photographs includes "Battle Creek Homes and Buildings, c. 1940", "Photographs from Battle Creek's History" and the "Dorothy Martich Black History Photo Archive... More
Idlewild - A Cultural Economic Development Initiative
I Like This

Idlewild, Michigan, founded in 1912 as a summer resort surrounding spring-fed lakes, was a mecca for African American vacationers and entertainers during the era of segregation. It is a rare and valu... More
Library of Michigan Newspaper Resources
I Like This

The Library of Michigan has a comprehensive collection of Michigan newspapers on microfilm. Organized by county of publication, this list gives a date range for each title available. More
Lost Synagogues of Detroit
I Like This

Former synagogues of Detroit continue to serve their communities and shelter its faiths, now often as Christian houses of worship for Detroit's African American community. More
Making of Ann Arbor
I Like This

The Making of Ann Arbor gives an extensive look at the history and development of the Ann Arbor community. More
Rise and Fall of Idlewild
I Like This

Rick Coates of the Northern Express Weekly discusses the history and potential future of Idlewild in a review of books on the subject. Many dream of returning Idlewild to the success of the days when ... More
Stories of Chelsea: A Community History Project
I Like This

The Stories of Chelsea project is a collection of videotaped interviews with Chelsea-area residents on various topics of local history: one room schoolhouses, WWII veterans, farmers, village life and ... More
Vanished Kalamazoo
I Like This

Photographs and descriptions of remembered places in Kalamazoo are featured here. Readers may contribute images and text to "grow" the site. More
Virtual Motor City: Images from the Detroit News [Wayne State University]
I Like This

A collection of digitized images from the files of the Detroit News dating from the late 19th century, with the bulk falling between 1900 and 1980. Search by keyword or browse the images by decade or ... More

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