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MeL Minute: MeL's New Look

We are very excited to announce MeL will have a completely new look this fall: new logo, new color scheme, new website. Our new logo will replace the purple and green version we've had for 12 years and you will see this update everywhere that MeL can be found including online, in black and white on MeLCat materials, and on promotional giveaways. 

The redesign of the MeL logo was an intentional process with 3 goals: 

  • Update to a more contemporary look and feel 
  • Strengthen the visual aspects of the MeL brand 
  • Create logo specifications and usage guidelines to establish consistency 

MeL's new colors are blue, green, and burgundy and they each represent something different. Blue is the base color of the site and ties into the blue used in the Library of Michigan branding, green represents Library Staff, and burgundy represents Educators. The "e" and the "L" are positioned to form a subtle book. There will be versions of this logo in black and white as well as in singular colors, including green and burgundy for use with our two key audiences. 

For the entire life of MeL, our emphasis has been to market broadly to the library community and all 9+ million residents in the State of Michigan. While MeL is for use by any Michigan resident, our core purpose is to support Michigan libraries. To that end, we are shifting our focus away from messaging to residents and concentrating on tools, resources, and support specifically for the library and education communities. The changes you see with the MeL logo and website are helping us visually tailor our educational and marketing materials so they are distinct and easy to recognize, while ensuring that everything fits with the larger family of MeL offerings. 

To help you prep for the upcoming MeL changes, we have uploaded logo files to the Get Ready page at Additional information about MeL eResource changes, including training opportunities, can also be found at our Get Ready page.


Brought to you by Liz Breed from the MeL Team.

MeL databases are available to Michigan residents or for Michigan library access only.

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