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Get Ready for October 1

Coming October 1, MeL will transform! New eResources, a new website, and a new logo will make their debuts. The latest information about eResource changes can be found at our Get Ready page.

Find tools and training to promote and get the best use out of Michigan eLibrary databases, portal resources, and Michigana. Locate bookmarks, posters, flyers, user guides, table tents, webinars-all organized by vendor. On the left side of this page locate the materials and training opportunities for MeL's many eResources. Arrangement is by vendor name, MeL component or by type of training.

To find which vendor provides a database, click on "More" in the description for each eResource or this database list.

The Library of Michigan contracts with or features the following vendors for content and/or services for the Michigan eLibrary.

Midwest Collaborative for Library Services Innovative Interfaces EBSCO Gale Cengage Learning Express Proquest MSU Libraries Scholastic Worldbook OCLC  Britannica Digital Learning Civic Technologies